We, the remnants of Lithuanian Jewry and the successive generations of whom some have witnessed the horrors inflicted on Lithuanian Jewry, have many messages and information to transmit through the Internet to the world and to the generations that follow us. Our messages are of special significance because of the fact that we represent a glorious Judaism that was brutally exterminated while its continued existence has created a wonderful heritage preserving our spiritual tradition and outstanding moral qualities.
We endeavor to impart to our future generations this legacy, the heritage of Lithuanian Jewry, with commemorating the memory of the annihilated Jews of Lithuania. At the same time we must fight against falsifying the history of the Holocaust and to defend ourselves against anti-Semitism in Lithuania which is embedded in the Internet. Our site will relate to these and other issues as we will endeavor to provide Internet users with reliable and timely information about everything that has happened in the past and about our future activities.
We must build together a new milieu based on dialogue and understanding, with cooperation and recognition of others and with adhering to historical truths. We must continue together with the Lithuanian people in building the good relations currently prevailing between Lithuania and Israel.
Our contact with you is vital; without you we have no reason for the continued existence of the Association of Lithuanian Jews in Israel (established in 1932).
Join us – be our partners in bridging gaps of understanding and building a new milieu.
We invite you to visit our site, to know our goals and activities and to be in contact with you for Litvaks in Israel throughout the world.

Arie Ben-Ari Grodzensky

Membership in the union is open to Lithuanian expatriates for their generations and their families.9
We will be happy to add you to the company.

Contact: [email protected]. Ha’mered 29, Tel-Aviv 6812511

To pay membership fees and donations:
Association of Lithuanian Expatriates in Israel.
Bank Mizrahi Tefahot. Branch 528, account number 189444.