Press Release – Lithuanian Jewish community

15-04-24 – Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community expresses support for Israel amid terrorist attacks.

The Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community, which unites 32 umbrella organizations,
strongly condemns the unprecedented attack on the State of Israel. This attack, carried out by the Islamic Republic of Iran and its accomplices on Saturday night, involved hundreds of
rockets and unmanned aerial vehicles.

The community sincerely supports its sisters and brothers in Israel and urges the leaders of
Lithuania to take the initiative in applying sanctions against Iran, which promotes, supports, and carries out a terrorism ideology worldwide by all possible means.
“We cannot turn a blind eye to terrorism. This evil, occurring thousands of kilometers from
Lithuania, reaches our homes as well. This became clear following the October 7th attack by Hamas terrorists against Israel, which led to a dramatic increase in antisemitism worldwide, including in Lithuania. History teaches us that indifference can cost very dearly – thousands, perhaps even millions of lives. We should not allow a repeat of the Holocaust,” urged Attorney Faina Kukliansky, Chairwoman of the Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community.

In light of the current situation and following recommendations from global Jewish leaders,
the Lithuanian Jewish (Litvak) Community has increased security measures for protected
sites and urges everyone to remain vigilant. Saturday’s events showed that by uniting our
forces, we can repel even the most formidable enemy attacks.

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